Let me tell you a little secret.

I love the backstage.

You can keep the lights, the warmth of the crowd, the fame.
I want in on the backstage stories. What goes on before, the excitement, the plotting, the giggles.
What comes afterwards, the tingle in the ears, the sense of achievement and also, the excitement.

When Vanessa shared her idea for the theme I got hyped like a little kid on Christmas eve.
It just went so well with this month’s theme from Holly, my heart immediately began thinking of all the possibilities!

Backstage, people. I’m all for it.

And lucky enough, my post for today is at the limbo of both themes, beginning where one ends, blending in, sprinkled with magic.

Aren’t these just beautiful?
The Flickr group pool is flooding with dreams, wishes, gateways for other universes. I can hardly breathe with all the beauty.

1. Untitled, 2. Windows, 3. Am I alive and reality, or am I but a dream?, 4. In the gloaming., 5. fence to the dock, 6. 09.25.2013, 7. letters never written ⍭, 8. dock art, 9. Untitled

I’m going to hop from square to square, image to image, write a letter to my future self telling her that all is well in this world of ours.

Find the magic.
Now go outside and click.