October 1st already? Wow. How did we get here? As you are reading this I will most likely be on an airplane making my way back home after a week of photography and community on Canada’s west coast. I’m not going to lie, I NEEDED this trip. My creative well has not been – shall we say – overflowing of late. The summer – usually a time of much colourful inspiration  and many photos has passed in a blur of puppy training and I seem to have precious few photos to show for the past few months.

Ah well, here we are in October. With the push of this little retreat by the ocean behind me, I am ready to take on the autumn, with cameras in tow. I’m also ready to explore our October theme of Portals. When Vanessa raised this one among the Muses, we all went a little nuts for it. So many possibilities.

Today I’ll share just a few from my archives on this theme. They are a bit of a literal interpretation, I think, in terms of Portals as doorways or passageways but I do love to shoot through to the other side.

img061I love that there are so many doorways and passages in this, just ripe for following.

IMG_0250Sometimes a doorway is a portal to an icon like the Louvre.

img071And sometimes they draw you in to the perfect place to relax on a warm afternoon.

Where will your portals take you this month?

Debra ~ Manifeisty