I’ve been making friends again with my Canon AE-1 35mm film camera of late. Remember when I was reminiscing a few months ago about shooting with that old workhorse? Well, looking through those old photos got me jazzed to shoot 35mm again. In fact, I just mailed off two rolls of film to Indie Film Lab to try out their processing and scanning for the first time.

In honor of our October theme of portals and today being Film Friday, I looked through some recent photos I’ve taken on 35mm to see what avenues of space and time I may have captured with my lens. I was delighted to find I had shot a number of escape hatches on beautiful expired Agfa film. And all of them let me daydream about new worlds, new people, new identities through those portals.

What or who is behind this window? What relationship or hideout exists past those mini-blinds?


Have you ever felt so desperate to escape that you’d break a window to get into the car and go? Or is that just me?


Or maybe you are crossing from one stage of life to another…


What if we could breathe under water and have a whole new life and existence under the shimmery surface?


Or maybe we are looking for that new door to open for us to pass through as an old door closes behind us…


What portals are you dreaming of or looking for? Where would you escape to if you could? What is your rabbit hole?

Meghan of Life Refocused