Today, I am thrilled to bring you Cherish Bryck as our Guest Muse. I first met Cherish two years ago at a photography retreat, and I’ve been following her photography ever since. I’ve also been fortunate to develop a friendship with Cherish and I adore her personality. I really think that who Cherish is comes out in her photography. Well, except for her wicked sense of humor — that you might not see in her photos, but trust me folks, you would laugh until the tears streamed down your face if you hung out with this gal.

I am a prairie girl.  Well, at least I was born and raised on the prairies.  Now I live nestled between big mountains and the even bigger blue sea.  When I left home, I was a walking cliche. I couldn’t wait to leave those dusty roads behind and find myself in the big city with a big life, chasing my big dreams.



cherish3Now, years later when I return to the place I so longed to leave, I find myself so captivated by the stories that rise from my birthplace. Ever since my daughters were born I feel compelled to take them back to Saskatchewan to visit our family, see where I grew up, absorb life outside the city and let them ‘run free.’ When we are there all of this unfolds, and as it does I use my camera to capture my girls experience this joy and understanding in a place that is so dear to my heart. The expansive sky envelops them and the wheat fields become their playground.  Each day they spend on my family’s farm I watch my girls learn about love, traditions, our earth, family, independence, culture and what it means to be a part of something bigger than they are.






cherish9Not only am I interested in capturing my own family’s story, but I use my camera to tell the story of rural life – something I’ve become quite fascinated with over time.  The simplicity and immutability.  Everything looks different from my current frame of reference. I believe it’s a combination of my eyes, that are much older, my brain, that is hopefully a little wiser, and the lens in front of me that allows a fresh perspective on my past.  I find such beauty in the stark landscape.  Perfection in the imperfection. The simplicity is somewhat intoxicating and I can’t help but try to capture some of these thoughts and feelings swirling around me when I visit.  I’m never sure what is portrayed in my photos is what is in my head and heart, but I am certain that the act of documenting my history simultaneously colliding with my present is absolutely worth the pilgrimage every year.




cherish13I see this project as a work in progress (much like myself) and hope to continue documenting this little slice of life. I’m already looking forward to going back “home” next year.

Thank you, Cherish, for sharing your rural home in Saskatchewan, Canada with us, and your journey back to that place in your heart and life. You can find Cherish at her website and on Instagram.

Meghan of Life Refocused