Recently I challenged myself with a mobile 4 in 24 assignment. Instead of lugging two heavy camera bags around (one film, one digital), plus bags for books, diapers, and snacks, I pared the essentials down to two bags, tucked my mobile phone in my back pocket and set off to capture little moments in the day.

As most weekend days go with a five year-old and a newish baby (six weeks today!) in the house, it takes awhile (several hours) to get out the door…

Sunday, recently.

The day started with coffee (for me), plus smoothies and toast.

4 in 24 (1)

Lego buildings had to be constructed while I entertained our little guy on the floor between changing clothes and nappies plus feedings.

4 in 24 (2)

Once everyone was in the car, we were off for a meandering Sunday drive. Cider and donuts, a must.

4 in 24 (3)

We drifted from town to town, leaves cuddled on the windshield. Pumpkin patches sprawled between horse farms. Paul Westerberg’s 14 songs in stereo. Sun scattered into blue.

4 in 24 (4)

Late afternoon lunch at The Rendezvous—yahtzee, veggie and regular burgers and fries, football on a movie screen. Secret basement kitchen. Swift walk up and down Main. A bushel of apples from Clarkdale Orchards. Then home.

What does an ordinary day in your life look like?

Nikki | Art & Lemons