From down here I could have missed you
If I had failed to look up
But your light caught my eyes and your presence grabbed my heart
I could not move I could only stare
Move along, off to a new start

I am so tired and yet so excited
It’s been fourteen years in waiting
Now I am here
And it feels like home
I look so perfect
I feel so right
Even if I move and change my feet
I know I will end up here
Third exit, into your street

I was feeling scared
From all the lives you had seen
From all the empty now in you
Afraid you would take me
And my fear
But then it looked like a smile
As if windows could do so
All is well
Come on in dearest
Here is a story you must tell

Orange pumpkins left to dry
As I await for mine
Nervously avoiding conversation
This was shortly before you departed
I lost my shoes then as well
Everything dried in that house
Even wooden windows
You disliked flowers
And now they grow wild
They are everywhere
Loud and busy like a child

Oh light warmth
How it protected me
Gave me guidance
And inspired the art
From the fading shade
To the burning light
You really were
Love at first sight


“I see the world, just not the same way you do.”

Grateful for how I see it, how it affects me.
Now go outside and click some gratitude, the way you see it.