Have you caught the gratitude bug yet? It seems we should be grateful every day, or at the very least, focus on the pretty and the things that go well but lets be honest here, somedays… we just want to vent, free of judgement and declare we had the crapiest of days.

But some days, the best days, are when we actually find the beauty, the gratitude, the happy, without being reminded.
Without the pressure of having to.
Because I know, and you know, we are all grateful, just for the mere fact that we are alive.

There are amazing sunsets, sunrises, trips to the beach, changing of seasons, gathering with favorite people, getting tattooed with friends (you know who you are), long forgotten and newly found toys, first snow and the sound it creates, burning wood, pondering about the existence of the big bad wolf, good books, kids, lovers, the last day of the flu, the “I love you”…

Now I’m grateful for all of the above and more but mostly my imagination. See, I don’t really use apps and I don’t do fancy and amazing things with my phone… Wait, actually I do, it’s like a mini computer to tell you the truth. But how is that relevant to you, on a Mobile Monday?
Meh. We know what mobiles can do.

But no, with no apps to share, I’m left plotting on a subject to write about, getting distracted countless times by sounds of guitars and banjos blasting on my headphones. I can’t really think or move when I hear the sound of fingers sliding the guitar strings, you know that sound?
I’m very grateful for that.

And well, beautiful sunsets don’t help much either, everything feels so pretty.

I miss London, it’s usually during autumn as the weather starts getting colder and the skies turning grey, when the temperatures and the fragrances transport me to memories of travels gone by, to a place I dreamt about since I was twelve. Oh yes.

And I didn’t even know about the bagels near Finsbury Park station.
Grateful for those too.

So naturally, imagination kicked in and I knew, sort of, that I was going to write about gratitude in mobile format, so I followed the hash tag #mortalmuses.

People of Instagram, I salute you, you’ve been feeling grateful like kids left to roam free on a cotton candy fair. (This is a good thing for everyone else, not just me, yes?)

20131117-133656.jpg@littlestorystudio @prastgardsmia @limnic6 @corinnaho

thank you

And just in case you need a reminder, here is a note from Mia @prastgardsmia!

20131117-134757.jpg“Dreams come true, since forever.”

Now go outside and click.
And dream big. Please. And then be super grateful that you did.