Did you hear the news? I read earlier in the week of Fuji’s plans to discontinue their FP-3000B instant black & white pack film. As a fan of black & white instant film, this is completely disheartening. Apparently there isn’t enough demand for the film, so off it will go into film oblivion in 2014. Eek, that’s next year! If you’ve used this film, you already know what a champ it is. With its high ISO and wide latitude, Fuji FP-3000B renders well in various low light conditions. It’s a sure thing and it’s my favorite film for both fine art and documentary photography.

Cape House 1

I had another post planned for today. Threads of gratitude and family life woven into color film. I’ll share that one soon. This news takes precedence.

Since it’s film Friday, I thought we could all come together and let our voices be heard in support of keeping this film in production. Please stand up with me and sign this petition (along with 8,000 plus supporters) to save Fuji FP-3000B. Who knows if a signature will change this film’s fate, but we have to try. We always have to try.

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