What if you could see into the past when you glanced over your shoulder,spectra-past

and the past smelled of apples and old wood?spectra-woodandapples

What if the air was so warm when you stepped out onto the porch,spectra-porch

that the only road you could imagine walking was a shady forest path?spectra-forest

What if you came back to the City and found it emptyspectra-street

except for the tourists who come prepared to see what you love and love what you see, every day?spectra-city

Then you would have something to look back on and keep your thoughts warm during a cold winter’s night.

In a few weeks it will be the shortest day of the year. It’s a turning point, the darkest of the dark that we must face before the light starts to come back. We all have different ways of coping with this time; me, I’m reminiscing about that other turning point of the year, in June, when the nights are so short they hardly get started before the sun rises again. What do you do to keep your mind off the dark of winter?

~ Best wishes from Jenny.