Tomorrow is the big day. Just one more sleep and it will be here! And in between all the opening of presents, the tidying away of wrapping paper and the cooking of food, the pulling of crackers and telling of bad jokes, I will be trying to capture that feeling of joy.

It’s an emotion I’ve been trying to pin down for the last few months and here are some of the things I’ve learnt about how to do it, not just at Christmas, but at any time of the year.


1. Most people don’t enjoy having their picture taken, so get your camera out when they are doing something they actually enjoy. If necessary, get everyone to play a game to distract them from the camera.


2. Shoot in an automatic mode, so you don’t miss the moment. Shooting at a smaller aperture will ensure more of your subject is in focus.
3. Be patient. Shoot lots.
4. I try to engage my eyes with the subject, taking my eyes away from the viewfinder.


5. Have a glass of wine and make sure you enjoy those joyous moments too.

Remember these pictures are not going to be perfect, but I guarantee you’ll be looking at them in the future as you remember Christmas.
Have fun too!

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Happy Holidays!