First things first.


When I read that Oxford Dictionaries Word of the Year for 2013 was SELFIE, I actually thought it was quite accurate.
For me, at least.

It began at the end of last year with NOWYOU, and then it just spread like wildfire. I used lyrics and quotes and slowly embraced my true little self. No turtle shell to protect, no hiding of tears (or fears), just plain human beauty.
My word for 2013 was “Adventurous” and let me tell you, it fit like a glove! And I am positively sure that all this self portraiture had a huge saying in this last year of mine.

I noticed I tend to use props on my portraits because I like telling stories, I like leaving seeds in your brain and marvel at the stories that you can create.
I’m sorry if that’s weird.

From reading glasses to my nintendo, I have used things around the house, like the kid’s rocking horse to a simple brush. I did indoors for safety and outdoors.

Lets get back to props because that is what I have for you… Oh but first I must tell you s little story about my love for handmade. (always working on tangents…)
If you know me (socially or virtually), you will know all about this love of mine, but maybe, what you don’t know is that i’ve always been shy about *giving* my handmade work on Christmas.

I give it away all throughout the year but when Christmas came, I always felt like buying. You know, peer pressure sucks.
But after a year of fitting into my shoes, (I wear a size 36 so one year was enough) I am happy to report that on this day, everyone got handmade gifts.


And this means, so do YOU! I mean, there is always one weird kid at every party that likes handmade and broccoli.
I’m that kid.

I have a supper fluffy knitted RED cowl for you, because you will feel brave and funny wearing it and you are going to ROCK your self portraits in 2014.
Red is the color that connects us all, and reminds us that all we do has an impact.

Plus, if you haven’t washed your hair it totally makes it ok to go out in public because, well, red cowl.

I like how a prop can distract the attention from myself, as I become part of the photograph, and not the central focus. Some times I used it for purposes of silhouette, to break even an image, or to hide something, like the side of a window.

I want you to feel safe, and if you already feel comfortable taking self portraits, well, I want you to feel pretty. Everytime you slide that knitted red around your head I want you to hear the words:

You. Are. Beautiful.


Im looking at my self portrait and I could tell you at least three things I don’t like about myself. Not the picture, but myself.
I bet you do that too.

Let it go.
In fact, I am giving you a little jar of cuteness for that purpose.

Every roll of film you drop in there, if there’s a least one self portrait in it, I want you to feel proud of you.
And you can use it for little notes to your future self and read them all next Christmas.

And finally, not handmade but something to kick start the year, how about a Disposable Beauty to get you into the Indisposable Concept?

We are big fans here at the Mortal Muses headquarters (and yes, we wear super hero costumes) and I want you to get in on the game. You need to take at least one self portrait to go with your roll, so how’s that for a start?

I can’t say I will have a 365 self portraits next year, but I know I will continue to point the camera towards me. In fact, number one on my list is to get back to my big girl camera, even if I dont upload the images, I want to keep shooting.

How about you? Are you ready for another amazing year of Selfies?
I am.

Now go back to your Christmas morning and eat a slice of cake for me. Then click.