Six years ago on this very day, I was having surgery. As I lie in the hospital two days after our first Christmas in a new home in a new part of the country, cancer was being removed from my body. This was my wake-up call.

Previous to December 27, 2007, I sat on the sidelines of creativity. Although I had always been drawn to art in its varied facets and forms, I had grown up believing “I wasn’t good at creative stuff” after hearing the harsh criticisms of my 2nd grade art teacher. So, I became a consumer of art and creativity rather than an active player — I went to museums whenever I got the chance, enjoyed plays and theatre, gorged on watching films, and surrounded myself with close friends and dating partners who were artists. I assumed my role on the proverbial bench, watching and cheering on my friends. Until six years ago. That’s when the true realization of “life is short” hit me. I could no longer avoid the question: “what are you waiting for?”

Having been drawn to photography for years, I decided to get my creative feet wet by picking up a camera. Then one camera turned into two, turned into three…and I was fully immersed in the waters of photography. I quickly became enamored with film and all things instant photography. It was indeed, Instant Love.

instant loveSo today, as we continue to celebrate the season, and I celebrate my health and my creative life, I am giving away a copy of Instant Love by Susannah Conway, Amanda Gilligan, and Jenifer Altman. Please comment on this post for a chance to win this inspiring book on instant photography!

Much love and health to you all,
Meghan of Life Refocused