Sometimes a theme arises as I look through the amazing Mortal Muses Pools on Flickr, other times it’s a random set. They seem to be more of a mix of emotions and moments that strike me. Today is one of those days. Looking forward to the new year, soaking in the winter fun, basking in the available light and letting go of the things that no longer serve me. Perhaps these images tell a story together. Alone words are just words, but line them up together and they make sentences and paragraphs and talk to you in a way that is new, can you read what I am sharing? Be well Muses, be well.

My creation
1. analog/ue summer evenings, 2. Albuquerque stop, 3. quiet nature, 4. Christmastime in the City, 5. HFF…., 6. holga lens, 7. Untitled, 8. The Still of the Winter’s Morning…, 9. upload, 10. Notes to Self,14: Memory Can Be a Mighty Refuge.