Here we are. 2014. A whole new year. Perhaps a whole new me waiting to happen. Maybe a whole new you too. 365 days to live in our NOW. A chance to live out the dreams we’d hoped for our future and create the past we might have wished we had. A squeaky clean, brand spanking new set of days with which to create the life we’ve been wanting.


Judging from my past, I’ll have ups and downs, sadness and joy, frustrations and successes. After all, life is all about the contrasts in the end, right? Without it, I’ve no other terms for comparison. So maybe it won’t be a whole new me, but I hope to become a better one, a more compassionate, more energized , more wonderful one. I’ll be looking for the contrasts that present themselves to step forward onto greater ground despite the unevenness I might find. I might even be wearing some fancy new shoes while I do it.


And more than likely through it all, I’ll be documenting these moments with my cameras. One beautiful image at a time connecting me to my NOW. Because my NOW should always be something spectacular. The quiet times, the sad times, the times of extreme joy. Each one with their contrasts creating the life I was meant to live. Hopefully I’ll be sharing it with others along the way.


So as we embark upon this new year, I wish you all good health, prosperity and 365 days of beautiful growth connecting you towards your beauty, towards loving your life, towards living out your dreams from the future and creating a past full of photos to share with those you love. I wish you the most incredible NOW that you’ve ever seen.

Happy New Year’s friends.


Holly ~ Soupatraveler