Remember last August when Vanessa announced the red thread of fate theme. Yeah, me too. I really like the idea of tying myth and folklore into photography. I still see and capture red in everyday photos but didn’t notice a pull toward the color (in my work or yours) until I collected these images from the Everyday Beauty flickr pool.


1. New Year, grey skies., 2. Celebrate! {52/52} + {31/365}, 3. red chair (2/365), 4. shadow diary | 3:365, 5. “Too much happiness”.*, 6. play this, 7. Last morning of the year, 8. ., 9. ginger&cinnamon vegan pancakes

Thanks for sharing your everyday images with us. Don’t forget to join us in the pool. Happy seeing and shooting in 2014!

Nikki | Art & Lemons