It’s been quite cold here in the Midwest of the United States (have you heard of the polar vortex?), thus I haven’t been shooting much instant film as it does NOT like the frigid temperatures. As well, I’m in the middle of a roll of 35mm, so don’t have many new photos to share with you. In light of that, I thought for today’s Film Friday, I would share some film inspiration with you!

If you haven’t seen Long Live Film, a beautiful documentary made by Kodak and Indie Film Lab, then I urge you to pull up a chair, grab a favorite beverage, and enjoy 48 stunning minutes. Click HERE to check it out.

I adore the work of Parker Fitzgerald. His photographs frequent the pages of Kinfolk magazine (which I also adore) and many other publications. At the close of 2013, he compiled 100 of his favorite photos of the year and they can be seen on his blog HERE.

This lovely photo from damiec in our Flickr pool just makes me sigh and want to step right in it…

west virginia window light
I recently learned of Czech photographer, František Drtikol, who created beautiful nudes and other portraits. You can see a collection of his photos HERE.

And last, if you’re into instant film photography, the awesome folks over at Snap It See It just launched a Community Forum. This is a place where you can create a profile and join the community, giving you access to many conversations, groups, advice, and more! I think this will be a great resource for inspiration, Q&A, and general connection among folks who love instant film.

So there’s my latest round-up of film-focused inspiration. If you have any new sources of inspiration for shooting film, please share them in the comments. You can never have too much inspiration.

Meghan of Life Refocused