tacoma3My husband and I took a trip north about two weeks ago. I had a day entirely to myself to wander, sit, watch, and photograph where and when I wanted without having to worry about making anyone else stop a million times while I messed with my camera(s). Maybe it’s because I am a photographer, but I always notice light or lack there of when I go somewhere new. The weather in Tacoma, WA, totally threw me for a loop.  It was raining and grey almost the entire weekend. And because we were further north then at home Reno, the sun wasn’t rising until well after 7am and setting just before 5pm.

tacoma1But here’s the thing, I made myself get out and shoot. AND shoot with a camera I have been having significant issues focusing with as well as having subjects develop in low light situations. What I managed were a few images that I actually really love. The blues fit the atmosphere of the Pacific Northwest so well.

Moody and blue.

tacoma2The other awesome part about this trip? I got to meet fellow Muse, Cara! What a treat to spend the entire afternoon dorking out about cameras, instagram and film.

Keep looking for the light- Vanessa