My post on photography and memory sparked a lot of interesting discussions in the comments. One of the points made was that while photography snap-and-go style may impair your memory of what you were shooting in the short term, having photos of what you have seen and experienced may enhance and even shape your memory in the long term.

I am currently experiencing that memory-shaping effect in action. In early January I spent a weekend in Bergen visiting family, and yesterday I picked up the roll of film I shot there. Somehow these 35mm images from our walk in the harbour have come to illustrate exactly how I remember it, with the subdued grey and red-brown colour tones punctuated by the occasional bright orange and yellow.







Yesterday Meghan shared some memories of small moments that make her happy. In many ways, I have done the same today. Feel free to share a photographic memory of your own in the comments – we would love to see!

~ All the best, Jenny.