January has come and gone.
February so far, has brought a good dose of, what should I call it?




I can’t really tell but I am touched by all the familiar faces around me who need a hug. I find myself at the Film Flickr Pool looking at images that perfectly fit their now.
I find moments that speak without words, create new stories and perhaps, are filled with the happy fuzzy feelings they, and you, may need.


1. home away from home, part four, 2. our footsteps on the ever-winding trails, 3. Girl near the waterfall, 4. Sweet Slumber, 5. Seaside, 6. 8/365

If you are longing for a quiet self time, imagine it. It will come.
If you are stuck in traffic waiting to breathe in the fresh air of nature.
Close your eyes for a second. You are there.
If you are overwhelmed by screams and laundry and cries, listen to the water flowing. There is quiet in your heart.
If you need a good sleep. Change the sheets and run a bath. Make it happen.
If you are alone. Speak it. Say it. Grab it. You are love.

And capture it all on film.
The good and the bad, your beautiful chaotic perfect life.

Share it and pass it around, we are in.
Deep breaths.

Now go outside and click.