Here’s to a fresh new week!
Most likely you are sitting at your computer desk, reading my words with a cup of coffee, getting ready to start the day.
I was always told that if you wake up earlier than the rest of the house, you can enjoy some self time and the day goes a lot better. I think one must need coffee to make it work because I have gotten up before the kids and the only thing that happens is me wanting to take cat naps.
But back to you, say you are one of the lucky few who actually manages to do just that (know that I envy you) and there you sit, awaiting for your daily dose of MM inspiration.

You got a new camera, film to go with it, you got a digital beauty and you just found a new park where the light hits just right at the right time…

“Come on, Miss Snow, give me something to work with!”

Oh you have no idea.

A few days ago I asked fellow Instagrammers Sarah Allen and Vanessa Maxham if they wanted to work with me, on this post, about collaboration, for you.

mosaic7f19a16cc143d8dca703af7be605dbf32b97e4c2The one where Sarah & Vanessa say OMG YES!

The next few days a ‘group message’ was created in which the three of us talked about this collaboration and exchanged ideas… Except I wasn’t in that ‘group message’.

They did exchange ideas and kept talking back and forth completely oblivious to the fact I wasn’t even replying, which in their defense makes perfect sense, as I’ve been really busy and haven’t been able to reply to everything.

So this went on. And on, for days.

Now, in no way I am making fun of my beloved friends, you absolutely have no idea how much we have laughed on this since.
Everytime I started reading past conversations I just kept laughing and wondering how did they not think of me as a jerk for not replying. Not even a simple “hello”.

In life, moments like these are the ones that count.
Really, the everyday chaos and beauty.

1653678_266785546820009_1408926928_nThe one with Sarah

This conversation of ours will be kept safe, not only in my computer but also in my heart. You see, this was my idea, my invite. And even though I did not say a word, the two of them carried on bouncing ideas back and forth and their own collaboration came to.
I wanted them to portray daily life because that is what I like about their photography, it had to be through mobile and I wanted a self-portrait. But apart from that, this was all their love.

1896898_266785706819993_1105889599_nThe one with Vanessa

“I was thinking pic subjects, something along these lines: food, chores, nature, children, self. What are your ideas?” (Vanessa)
“I love it! I like your categories. How about a step further, and find something about each of those things that shares a part of who we are… A food that brings comfort, a chore that we enjoy…” (Sarah)

There. Birth.

1958440_266785403486690_1459751925_nThe one where Vanessa declares she likes doing the dishes

I fully adore Home Life.
This is not a political view nor do I wish to turn it into a discussion of the sexes. I have had my share of those opinions and I would be very happy if we could step back and see the forest, not just the trees.
I like doing the dishes in Winter because of the warm water but dislike doing it during Summer.
I like washing clothes – by hand on hot sunny days? Yes!
I have some sort of irrational phobia where I don’t like to put clothes in the closet.

“I like breakfast and baking. Both make me feel like a Mother and love.” (Vanessa)

1016424_266785616820002_223807093_nThe one with Sarah’s nice fingernails

Through social media I have met women who enjoy Home Life just as much as I do, who see beauty in the things I do.
And I also connected with friends who do not have kids nor wish to have the Home Life I/we like so much.

What you need is, to find your people. Find the others.

“I really love your dishes one, even without the hands! You really shine with the nature pictures too. Always breathtaking.” (Sarah)

1601407_266785746819989_734529793_nThe one with the storm

While I had sunny days and a little rain, they were under snow attack. While I got my living room flooded, they baked bread. While I played baseball with the kids at the park, they planned snow angels…

“Maybe for nature we can relate it to the storm that is coming tomorrow – go outside on Friday, or whenever the snow stops and see what catches our eye. I like the idea of picking moments that make us feel like mothers/grown ups/women, even if that isn’t the exact same thing…” (Sarah)

The one with all the snow

Vanessa and Sarah have known each other since middle school. I did not know about this, which is just another fun side effect of new friends, there is so much history waiting to be told!

“I love collaborating with you! Reminds me of when we probably had to collaborate in 9th grade English with Ms. Silver. I like that we’ve connected again.” (Vanessa)

Still not finding my lack of response weird they went on to share favorite bits about themselves and also, their children’s favorites.

1922406_266785696819994_727082645_nThe one where Vanessa wants all the kids

According to little Hannah (connected to Sarah), whose favorite part about herself is her blood (I know!), her favorite part about mom is her arms for hugs.
The magical Kelton (connected to Vanessa), when asked about favorite part of mom, “proceeded to poke me from head to toe and screamed ‘I love ALL your stuff!!'”

Note to you, ask your kids what is their favorite part of YOU.
Then ask your husband, boyfriend, girlfriend, wife, partner, friend.
Write it down and believe their words.

1901406_266785323486698_1279283706_nThe one where Vanessa… oh just give her all the babies

I asked my kids too. Kid 2 said “Everything!” and Kid 1 took her time to think it through.
“Your heart, because that’s where our cuddles are born.”

Please go ahead and “awwwww” all you want at our kids and your kids and post their favorite bits of you in the comments section!

“My Mom always complains about her hands. I’ve always adored her hands, written stories about them, really loved them. I wonder if our children will remember bits and pieces of US.” (Vanessa)

1621996_266785630153334_248468661_nThe one with the cookbook

Many times, in conversations, I find inspiration for pictures I want to take, or images I want to create. Are you someone who ‘sees’ thoughts?

“Your comment about your mom’s hands inspired me for the cookbook one – it was my mom’s, and even though I have my bread recipe memorized I still pull out the book to look at it with her handwritten notes…” (Sarah)

Hand. Written. Notes.

1508503_266785763486654_733554993_nThe one with the rising dough

Around this time, the snow storm had arrived and everything was white! Like in all big snow storms, going out is planned but not always possible, and I’ve been told, car trips don’t really count.
Sarah has a little baby girl who may not enjoy the cold to its fullest so its best to stay indoors.
Which, of course, makes for great stories that can be enjoyed for years to come.
The best memories can come out of unplanned days, some of those memories may actually fade and get lost or replaced but wherever you find yourself, stranded or not, always find time for memories.

1653343_266785576820006_1944214258_nThe one with the pee

It seems to me that few things in life feel as good as a friend who understands us, someone who knows our funny glitches and accepts them, someone who laughs at the same silly jokes, someone who really knows what it’s like.

“A day in the life of babies. Pee.” (Vanessa)
“So. Much. Pee.” (Sarah)

Someone who makes us laugh until our belly hurts.
Someone who holds our hand.

1620967_266785306820033_1362541697_nThe one where you smile

The more people I meet, from all over the world, the more I think about the concept of HERE and NOW.
THIS is where you are NOW.
Your friends, the people you surround yourself with, HERE, they are what matter.
Surround yourself with the right friends.
Tell them what your favorite thing about them is.

Thank you Sarah and Vanessa, for making me laugh so hard on this day and on many days before.
My favorite thing about Sarah is how incredibly sweet she is, wrapped in bravery.
And she has a tent.
My favorite thing about Vanessa is how she always makes me laugh.
Sometimes I spill things because of it.

Start collaborations and projects.
Capture them on camera.

Now go outside and click.