As winter beats on here in the US, I’m dreaming of summer. Not that I particularly love the heat and the sun (let’s be honest), but I’m ready for a change of seasons. A change of pace. A change of wardrobe! Although I practice yoga and work to be present, I do often find myself living in the past or living in the future. Today, I’m doing a little bit of both, looking back and looking forward.

I love to travel, and so oftentimes when I’m not being in the present moment, I’m reflecting on past trips and dreaming of new adventures. I got the exciting news a few months ago that I will be presenting my research at a conference in Paris this summer! This news has kicked the “dreaming of new adventures” part of my brain into high gear. I’ve been searching for flights, looking for places to stay, adding some time in Spain before the conference, and generally scheming my plans for this summer’s return to Europe. In doing all this looking forward, I can’t help but look back and reminisce about my trip to Paris in the summer of 2012.

PX70_MontmartreBoulangerie_rsI’m can already taste the warm baguettes and croissants. I can feel my feet on the old cobblestone. I can hear the murmur of the people talking around me. And of course, I can feel the weight of my camera bag loaded with 3 options to shoot on my shoulder.

Maybe not being present isn’t so bad sometimes.

Meghan of Life Refocused