In the middle of capturing a series of mornings with my Polaroid Spectra, I had several realizations about myself as a photographer.

One, I don’t like having so little control over a camera.

Two, waiting 30 plus (our house is cold) minutes for one instant photo to develop is a challenge.

mornings-winter 2014

Three, shooting indoors with winter sunlight can be a lovely thing.

Four, I still love instant film (I just wish it were cheaper).

Five, limitations push me creatively.

mornings-winter 2014

Six, photographing with instant film is like making crepes, there’s always going to be a throwaway.

Seven, I like to capture story fragments in photographs.

Eight, shooting more is a good thing.

mornings-winter 2014

Nine, follow a creative thread to the end.

Ten, repeat the process another day, the conditions/results will change.

mornings-winter 2014

What things have you learned about yourself as a photographer?

mornings-winter 2014

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