Guess what? Muse Nikki Gardner just launched a rockin’ new photography e-course on her site: Develop Your Photo Habit & Style: 10 minutes a day for 31 days. Think of it as going to a super fun photo camp (virtually, of course). You put in the daily 10 minutes of work then gather around the Flickr fire to swap stories and images. Pretty fabulous, right?!

Develop Your Photo Habit & Style E-Course

Here’s what Nikki has to say about the class:

All you need is you, your favorite camera (film, digital, smart phone, instant…), and ten minutes a day for 31 days. That’s it. Turn your camera on and go.

In this self-paced course, I’ll teach you how to develop your visual voice, make photography your daily habit, and pick up mad technical skills along the way. Whether you’re a new or seasoned photographer, this course will sharpen your eye and your technique. I designed this course to be straightforward, fun, and effective. Over the course of 31 days, you’ll delve into both the art and craft of making poetic images.

Develop Your Photo Habit & Style
10 minutes a day for 31 days

This course will help you:

+ grow as a photographer
+ develop your personal style
+ learn creative shooting techniques
+ nail photography fundamentals
+ get comfortable behind the lens
+ cultivate a daily photo habit
+ capture your story

Course includes:

+ welcome note
+ camera basics
+ short daily assignments including a creative prompt with technical tips
+ examples and tips about how I shoot and process
+ handouts on photo fundamentals (composition, depth of field, story-telling, light capture)
+ detailed resources section for further study
+ flickr group to share photo assignments
+ email access for the duration of the course

Check out Nikki’s 10 in 10 Mortal Muses’ post, for a sample assignment, in which she showed us how to fit a regular photography practice into a tightly packed schedule. Does your photography practice need a creative boost? Today we have a special giveaway from Nikki who is offering a spot in her class. Just leave a comment on this post and you will be entered to win! Meghan will announce the winner on next Monday’s post.

Holly ~ Soupatraveler