So, we are officially into March which, thanks to Cara is the month of Flow here on Mortal Muses and as I sit here to write I feel I must admit that I am far from having any flow at all in my photography practice these days. Much like the ground around me I am completely frozen. I can’t remember the last photo I took (though I’m betting it was an iPhone shot of my dog). More (worse?) than that, I cannot seem to work up any kind of excitement to go out and shoot. I have had thoughts around going out to shoot our winter festival, or maybe skaters on the local outdoor rink or the Rideau Canal. I’ve even conceived some stylized self portrait shoots in the snowy woods. What I have not done is actually shoot. In my defence, it is cold out there. It is warm in here and my puppy is a sweet companion to curl up with an hibernate the winter away.

I know that I need to get back behind my camera. Photography offers me so much more than just a pretty image to look at and share. I know that I am better in so many ways when I access the joy that looking through the viewfinder gives me; when I’m really connecting to myself and to what I see around me. I just… can’t. It’s not there. The joy and the connection seem so far away right now and just impossible to grasp.

I admit that for several weeks I have been alternately wallowing in and berating myself for these feelings. Time has come though, to recognize them and just move on. I need to find my flow again. This may seem odd but my first step in recovering my flow does not involve picking up a camera. Rather, I’ve picked up a pen.


For the month of March I’ll be participating in an online Line Drawing class with Lisa Congdon. I’ve been a fan of Lisa’s illustration work for sometime, and I have one of her prints hanging in my office.  When I saw that this class by her was being offered through Creative Bug, I signed myself up. Let me be clear, I have zero drawing experience and I expect, little if any aptitude for it. My thought is that since I can’t seem to find comfort in my usual comfort zone behind the lens, I will purposely throw myself outside of my comfort zone and into a completely new creative outlet. I’m hoping that a little drawing will prime my creative pump, restore my flow and inspire me to get back behind the camera where I belong.

How about you? What are your tricks to get into your creative flow?

Debra ~ Manifeisty