Squares and Polaroids.
They do go hand in hand don’t they? It’s like a perfect match in film heaven where someone thought that no other format would fit the Polaroid spirit like the square.
And it works, oh my, does it work.
The square and that extra space for words and safely holding your image without adding finger prints, it’s just something so adorable and perfectly made, you have to wonder why it ever went “out of style” almost to extinction.

But now, in the days of mobile magic, we can get a little taste of Polaroid magic, which may just steer you on the right direction to get a real Polaroid.
Because not everyone wants to get a new camera – or can even find a working one, for that matter – or the trickiest part, the film for it.
although The Impossible Project has got a great selection, not complaining at all.

So today, I have the next best thing, the Instant Camera Polaroid app.


It’s a simple app, staying true to what Polaroid is, a no fuss memory maker. Like all other photography apps, you can take a picture or upload from your camera roll.
I suggest using the camera feature every once in a while as it has a real tiny viewfinder and you really focus on what you are capturing (just like the Polaroid viewfinder!)

When the image develops, you get the unmistakable Polaroid sound and you can actually shake or blow at the screen to make it develop faster.
Yes, I find that hilarious.

With plenty of film choices like T600, Underexposure, TZ Expired and a handful of black & white, there is no end to what can be done with this app.
30 film choices in total, plus you can play with the colors of the border – I’m not particularly into that, but I like that we can add smudges and paper texture.



Requires iOS 5.O or later.
Compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.
Optimized for iPhone5.Developed by ThinkTime Creations LLC


Being the month of “square” I’ve been doing my best to keep all my Instagram pictures square and for that, I’ve been using this fun app. Somehow, it made me excited about square photography again!
I struggled with cropping and now, with the Polaroid border, it seems that I’m actually adding information to the image, as opposed to removing.

10155011_286809594817604_4119295740021385412_n 10014587_286810121484218_588330633104907863_n
Words is not something I use on my final images, as the IG crop won’t allow it but I like how it can work as a simple reminder, a post-it note.
You have several fonts to choose from and size is adjustable too.
If you play with it, let us know.

1237038_286810148150882_7360209355307196970_n 10269575_286810111484219_1481096970011512479_n
After a couple takes, I’m sure you will end up with your favorite film/filter choices, I tend to lean towards Underexposure and Black & White. When the image develops, it automatically gives a different tone to the original image and sometimes I have even used that.
I’m really enjoying the colors and hues I get with this app, the diversity of how an image changes with the choices. All other apps I tend to stick to one or two filters, but this Polaroid fun has me using at least half, like we would with film, so you know, sort of perfect.

10271539_286810138150883_3668523327959571156_n 1010218_286810168150880_1627707575281187721_n
Up until this point, I thought something was lacking whenever I took a feline picture. I can’t explain why as I couldn’t put my finger on it. Maybe it’s because they were street cats, and I wanted a degree of roughness to go with it and couldn’t find the perfect tone.
But I’m proud of the ones I got and edited with this app. Specially this one, the suspicious cat.
And that sunset, after the perfect walk with my best friend, I knew I would use it square Polaroid style.

Because sometimes, you just know.
You feel the pull, the moment your eyes can’t look away and the corner of your mouth slowly rises.
You have to click and keep.

10255689_286809574817606_5967499941636893105_n1208868_286809668150930_6751929479520744158_n  And what about sharing/exporting?
Simple, no fuss, like the app itself.

You have the usual suspects, Facebook, Twitter, Flickr,    Instagram and Sina Weibo.
Also email and the classic “save to Library”.

Developing speed is optional – when and if you get tired of blowing at your screen – and export resolution has three options.
And that’s pretty much it.
See, point, shoot, edit, smile.

Now go outside, fall in love with Polaroid, one small click at a time.