mm squares blossoms pt def (1 of 1)

This month’s post (and nicer weather) has me shooting again, making all these great square memories. A lovely wade in our flickr pool tells me I’m not the only one, and I am loving how you are optimizing many of your compositions by going square.

One of you, Kendra, even found squares to shoot within your square! Here are some other great squares I enjoyed. There were lots more that I wanted to share here, but lots of you have your settings set to not be shareable. Just now that we still love seeing your work in the pool, whether or not we are able to shout it out here on the blog. Thanks for adding them to the group!

Happy Squaring!
Cara of Tumbleweedineden

Meraki by heavenly~flower

Untitled by Caroline B Kuhn

Untitled by Sarah