Two weeks ago, muse Vanessa Simpson wrote about the Diana app and got the people around the world trying it.
Maybe you got so into it, you decided to get a new friend for your camera collection, the light weight Diana+.


I don’t blame you for wanting her in the collection, you’ve probably heard and or read about this camera’s personality, how people struggle with getting good images (a challenge?) and how the results are always a surprise, this being a major part of her appeal.


I’m going to share my first roll, back from December 2013, when i didn’t have a clue how to work with her.
It’s a learning process, it’s a love journey. You either accept that you need to understand her fully to love her or you give up.
… And giving up is not cool.


Because you will look at the double exposures and maybe, they will show two of your favorite people, from two different days, in one frame.
One indoors, one in the car. Same feeling of love. Weaved.


You will get a puzzling image that makes little sense, and turn it around and around trying to figure out what it is. You will squint your eyes, looking for clues.
Is that the window? You know the window, but what is the big red… Is it a shirt?
Yes, yes, I know that red and orange combo!


Ah, I see. It makes sense now.
On my first roll, I didn’t pay attention to the back of the camera, where it clearly shows you which frame you’re at. Despite not having a auto-stop when you roll the film, if you look at the numbers in the back, you will know where you are.
But you are free to play with double exposure, and roll just a little, creating awesome never-ending moments.
That’s the beauty of her, when you understand how she plays, that’s exactly what you need to be doing with her.
Let go of that worry, take her with you on happy days, days you wish were different.
Have fun. Real good fun.


She is beautiful. And she captures the world in all its magical beauty.
Crooked, a mess of moments on top of each other, weird colors, unpredictability.
A feeling that grabs your heart.
That is life, a leap of faith.
You have no idea what is coming your way.
That is Diana.

Now go outside and click.
Then click again.