So, I don’t want to jinx it but I do believe that Spring has really (and finally) come to my part of the world. The snow has finally stopped falling and has been thankfully washed away off of our lawns and flower beds. New shoots are starting to show themselves on tree branches and I’ll swear I even saw some tulips coming up this morning.

Spring, to me, means not only the end of snow and the beginning of good weather and pretty flowers, but also a return to instant film. While it is absolutely possible to shoot instant film in cold weather, it performs best in the moderate temperatures like we’re starting to see now.

I do love to capture spring on instant film.

Easter eggs


I love to see signs of spring in our Film Friday Flickr pool as well, like these beautiful cherry blossoms from damiec

two windows

Or these sweet backyard bunnies from Danielle Hughson (aka manyfires) 

backyard bunnies:  happy easter, part three


As this post goes live I am on vacation in New York city with some dear photography friends and some instant film. I look forward to capturing some spring in the city.