For today’s Mobile Monday feature I have asked a new guest, Beverly LeFevre, to shoot 4 images with a mobile device within 24 hours and to share her story here. I first met Beverly on flickr several years ago and have always enjoyed her beautiful outlook on life.

Beverly is a wife, Mom, Down syndrome advocate, Catholic and artist. She’s a photographer, artist, jewelry-maker and teacher. She’s a dreamer with a camera with a love for all things beautiful, happy and vintage. Today she shares with us images from her Easter weekend.

1. What mobile camera do you shoot with? What other cameras do you shoot with?
iPhone5 , Canon Rebel, instax mini, polaroid 600


My first day in a long time to take the instax out, Just in time for spring blossoms.

2. What do you love most about mobile photography?
I love that my phone is always with me. It’s easy to use, fast and convenient. You can edit and share with family and social media as soon as you take a photo.  You have this little thing in your hand that is full of creativity and it fits right in your pocket.


My son Noah with his monkey Easter basket before his egg hunt.

 3. What/Who inspires you?
I’m inspired by many people and all types of photography. I’m mostly inspired by the friends I have grown to know and love on flickr and Instagram who share their life in photos.


Taken on our way home. I would rather be a passenger than drive so I can capture some blurry shots on the road.

4. What was your happiest/worst photographic moment & why?
Having so much of my son’s life documented makes me happy. I lost a few years of photos when my computer crashed two years ago and it broke my heart.


The sun setting in our back yard. The ending to a wonderful weekend.

5. Final thoughts for our readers?
“Blessed are they who see beautiful things in humble places where other people see nothing.”  — Camille Pissarro

Thank you Beverly for sharing your Easter weekend with us today! You can see more of Beverly’s work on Instagram, Flickr, or on her website. Beverly also sells her photography and other goods on Society6 and Etsy.

Until next time!
Holly ~ Soupatraveler