Tracie West is made of life’s good things.
Smiles, bubbles and hearts, amongst other ingredients (some secret) all gathered up to create this amazing person I am proud to call friend.

Some of you already know and follow Tracie’s work, her photography and words, but for those who don’t, believe me when I tell you, she is a ray of sunshine in the everyday life.
She deals with dark clouds too, specially heart shaped ones, and that just makes her extra special.

“Each friend represents a world in us, a world possibly not born until they arrive, and it is only by this meeting that a new world is born.”
― Anaïs Nin

Tracie once told me I made her happy, which is funny because she makes me happy. It’s interesting, sometimes we wonder what can we do to make the world a better place, and I guess, you can follow her lead.

Be happy.
And you will make others happy.

Photo 2 SP
On this day I turned 44, here is my proof, garden tour reflection, this was a mirror I found in one of the gardens. {taken with my Canon but edited with Camera Bag and Photo Studio App}

I know Tracie stops for the beauty in the world so I asked if she would share her day with us.
Mobile style, with the help and mix of camera and apps.

photo 1 Pippi
Pippi is my new obsession and it’s made by Mortal Muses very own Vanessa Snow. (yay, that’s me!)
When I saw Van had a radical talent for creating things, I special ordered a Pippi who is near and dear to my heart. I take Pippi wherever I go and on this day she ended up on a garden tour. I post her most of all on IG under the tag #Pippi_Power. She is strong, she is true to herself, she is brave, she has a colorful sense of style and she is a fellow red-head. I heart her! When I was a girl I dressed as her for Halloween, haven’t stopped loving her since. {edited with Rhonna App}

photo 3 heart
I’m a heart seeker. I find them nearly everywhere and every day and in the least likely spots. This is not original to me, there are many of you out there who find hearts but for me, it’s like God’s little calling cards “I care for you, I love you and I’m in every detail of your life”
This heart was in a birthday gift, homemade toothpaste from my Aunt. {edited with Lo-Mob and Mystic App]}

photo 4 wine
Motorcycle man took me out to dinner for my birthday. He likes to surprise me so I had no idea where we were going. We all loaded up in his truck and ended at a place called Simmzy’s in Long Beach. I ordered wine, a chardonnay by Bliss, I had two glasses actually, didn’t count a single calorie and ended my night with a cupcake!
That was my day and a very good one it was! {edited with Magic Hour App}

Dear Motorcycle man, we are virtually hugging you right now.

How about you? Do you need a special reason to do a 4 in 24 for personal purposes?
As a reminder of sorts?
Follow the beauty, capture the memories.
Don’t worry if its “just mobile”.
Write about it.
Post about in the comments so we can have a look at your very own 4 in 24.

Tracie blogs here and Instagrams here if you want to follow her string of happiness.

Now go outside and click, four times.