(At) the heart of my photography is the practice of my mobile 365. This is a slow, heavy rhythm with a daily beat – shooting, editing and uploading to Instagram one image per day. jenny-365-heartbeat A few moments from my 365 the last couple of weeks.

The heartbeat of a 365 is keeping my photography alive, because I have been shooting very little outside of my mobile practice. I don’t quite know why, can’t quite identify any roadblocks to shooting, other than to blame winter again. I feel sluggish and slow, photographically speaking.

I shoot the occasional Polaroid, in the same way that I shoot with my phone, with no plan or purpose other than to pull out my camera when something catches my eye. polaroid-heartbeat This certainly caught my eye.

I shoot some 35mm film in the same manner, but with two different cameras in use – a borrowed Voigtlander as well as my beloved Minolta – and a 36-image roll in each camera, it takes me a long time to finish a roll.

So how do I get the beat going a little faster again? For one thing, I will finally start on – and finish! – some of the projects I have been thinking about. At this point I need a purpose to my shooting other than shooting for its own sake. And come summer, I will go travelling with my dSLR. No slight to my film cameras, but I miss the quick, light beat of my dSLR as I walk wide-eyed around taking in each new sight.

How are you getting on with your photographic practice these days? Tell us in the comments!

~ All the best, Jenny.