Can I just say Whew!? And maybe WooHoo!? I’m doing a little bit of happy dancing over here. The celebration is on, and with a heavy dose of relief. As Vanessa was announcing our Mortal Muses May theme of Rhythm, I was pretty certain I had lost mine, photographically at least, and I wasn’t entirely certain that I was going to get it back. I know that my lack of photo mojo is no secret here. I wrote about it here and you may have noticed that I haven’t featured any of my own photographs here in some time. The fact is, that save a few iPhone shots of my dog, there haven’t been any photographs of my own to show in some time. I could (and do) blame our hideously long and white winter, along with a million other things but the fact is that I had no real desire to shoot.

Throughout the long winter I had my eye on what I’d hoped would be the light at the end of the tunnel of my shooting draught; my trip to New York City with Meghan and Lindsey. Meghan wrote about our trip earlier in the week and she lamented the shots she didn’t shoot (though I can assure you that that the shots she DID make are pure gold). As for me, this trip was exactly what I needed to find my photographic rhythm again. I set aside my lovely, light travel camera in favour of reconnecting with my DSLR (aka My Boyfriend Mark). It was glorious, folks. Just glorious.

As I begin the editing process, I’ve noticed a few themes emerging in the photos I took, one being building facades with fire escapes. I love the graphic nature of the windows and the diagonals of the fire escapes. The rhythm of city architecture.


And a nice metaphor for the ebb and flow (or ups and downs) that comes with living the life of a creative.


Plus, New York City seems to have an affinity for teal-painted facades and I have a personal rule to “always shoot the teal”.


So where are you these days in your photo rhythm? Up? Down? Just resting in the middle?