Press play.
The music slowly fills the room and your thoughts slowly disappear into the clouds.

Is it warm outside?
Hang on.
Are you on the southern hemisphere?
Is it cold?
Hang on.

Think of the little things, the changes you cannot see, dream big and leap.

Everything will be fine.
Everything in no time at all.

His voice floods the walls, the floor, the in between.
Take off your shoes and dance, first slowly, then all at once, just like falling asleep.
Just like falling in love.
Open the windows and feel the breeze. Listen to the rain or feel the blast of heat that hurts your face.
Choose whatever makes you happy, whatever makes you smile, what gives you hope.


1. Untitled, 2. flip flops, 3. Bliss, 4. 45/100 Less traveled, 5. Untitled, 6. Untitled

I pressed play.
The music slowly filled the room and my thoughts slowly disappeared into the clouds.

Was it warm outside?
I hung on.
Was it cold?
I hung on.

I thought of the little things, the changes I could not see, I dreamt big and leapt.

I opened the windows and the heat hurt my face.
And yes, my shoes are off.

Take it all in.
Now go outside and click. Unless you’d rather dance with me.
I’ll set the timer.

Big thank you to everyone who submits moments to the Film Friday Flickr pool, I really enjoy dipping my toes in there for inspiration.