Im a big fan of everyday beauty.
I tend to stop at every sunset, every rainbow and [im]perfectly shaped cloud.
The Flickr pool for Everyday Beauty is never short of moments that make me smile.

I smile and I pause.


1. undone., 2. EP52 20/52 {yellow}, 3. Untitled, 4. 20140515_755.jpg, 5. 05.12.2014,
6. 19_52 Blackstone.

I pause for unmade beds. I smile because there is beauty in that moment frozen in time.
I pause for flowers but also for rocks and pebbles, specially heart shaped ones.
I pause for childhood play, for the chaos they bring and how sometimes we neglect to capture those moments.
The everyday beauty is in those moments, perfectly captured by your hands.

A window you see every day or a table setting that occurs over and over again.
It gets tiring. Does it?

Have you ever tried a 365 of everyday beauty? Maybe 52 weeks?
Or, how about 7 days in a row?
Leave us a link in the comments on how you deal with your everyday beauty, share projects and ideas.
Upload your moments to the Flickr Pool and inspire others.

Now go outside and click the everyday beauty.