Have you heard the news? ‘Roid Week 2014 kicked off on May 19th, and what is more, this is the first of two such events this year!

In honour of ‘Roid Week, I am shooting Polaroids whenever the mood strikes, all the while keeping my inner critic nicely walled off and ignored. Such a wonderful feeling! Some of the resulting photos I’m quite pleased with; others are failures (and that’s fine too, because I learn something).

These two are from the bicentennial celebration of the Norwegian Constitution on May 17th:

These are from various trips to the countryside to visit family:

And then the failures – and the lesson: The Impossible Project 600 film does not deal at all well with very bright, direct sunlight:

Do you want to participate in ‘Roid Week? The rules are quite simple, and can be summed up as follows; you can post two Polaroids every day for the five days that ‘Roid Week lasts, and they have to be never previously posted to flickr.

If you participate in ‘Roid Week, we hope you post your images in the Mortal Muses Film Friday flickr pool as well. Some ‘Roid Week gems have already started to trickle into the Film Friday pool, such as this beauty by Kat Lightner

…and this awesome one from Muse Alumna Lindsey.

And since we love all things Polaroid over here in Muse land, you can be sure that we will have more on the topic for you this week. If you want more inspiration for ‘Roid Week, I recommend browsing our Polaroid tag.

~ Happy ‘Roid Week from Jenny.