Oh ‘Roid Week, you’ve come and gone again. You’ve shown us your magnificence in all your instant forms. You’ve wowed us with your creativity, raised some eyebrows with your curiosities and bowled us over with your unexpected beauty. One week of decidedly delicious instant moments saved up all year so they could be unveiled this week. Lucky for us, many of you shared your work not only in the ‘RoidWeek 2014 flickr pool, but also in our Mortal Muses Film Friday Flickr group as well. Here are some favorites that you shared as part of this week’s extravaganza:

Southbank by Katherine Lightner

In A Shade of Blossoms
In A Shade of Blossoms by Anna Marcel

Wedding Day
Wedding Day by Brianna Morrison

Polaroid Love Affair - Lily of the ValleyPolaroid Love Affair – Lily of the Valley by Alison Bean

Dancing Ballerina
Dancing Ballerina by Julie Grosser

sand, love and other things..
sand, love and other things.. by Celina Wyss

Blonde SunshineBlonde Sunshine by Scott Southall

Several of the muses have been sharing their polaroids this ‘RoidWeek as well. I’m always blown away by their creativity:

 365 Impossible Self-Portraits: Day 301365 Impossible Self-Portraits: Day 301 BY Meghan Davidson

Breathing quietlyBreathing quietly by Jenny Graver

FlatironFlatiron by Debra Cowie

found: bliss
found: bliss by Nikki Gardner

Two by Kirstin Mckee

And finally I’ll part by sharing one of my Sister, taken last July a month before aborting my Polaroid 365 when it became apparent that I’d never catch up on all the scanning. But that’s a story for another time.


Until next time,
Holly ~ Soupatraveler