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There are these moments when a character catches your eye. Something they are wearing or their personal style stops you in your tracks. During a recent photo walk in Seattle, Washington, we stopped for a moment to gather and that’s when I saw him. He was in his rhythm. Filling orders, picking out loaves of bread and filling paper to-go cups full of clam chowder for the tourist.

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I know he saw me with my camera to my face, but he kept working.

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He seemed iconic to me. Like a Pikes Place staple. One of the characters that is always there and who makes each visit the same, but different. The cable knit sweater, the glasses, the mustache and that hat. I have always thought it would be great to have a personal uniform, I bet this is his. I also bet he is the owner of this bakery. Something about the care he took in every move.

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I am glad I was brave, that I pulled my camera up to my face and focused my lens. Hit the shutter button again and again. That as I watched him in his daily rhythm, I found mine.


Keep chasing that light,  Vanessa