1) Erika  Brothers 2) Veronica Hassell 3) Michelle Robinson 4) Geri Centonze

A couple of things have happened recently, both of which influenced my selections for today’s Mobile Mosaic.

1) I finally got a new phone
2) I started another 365, this time on Instagram (please feel free to follow me!) 

I am completely new to mobile photography, and have found so much inspiration in looking through our Mobile Group on Flickr. I am constantly amazed by how creative/skilled people have become with editing on their mobiles. My mind = BLOWN!

I wanted to showcase a few of the images that took my breath away this week in our Mobile group. I am captivated by the above images because of their textures, tones, and overall mysterious qualities. They tell me so much, yet so little, and I find myself studying them over and over.

So, for all of you mobile aficionados out there, what are some of your favorite photo apps, and which ones should I download right this second?