When Vanessa Simpson was writing her review of the Diana App, I told her that the only Android version of the app was a free sample version with no option to remove the watermark from the finished image. Since I really dislike watermarks on my images, that was a dealbreaker for me at the time. However, the premium Android version is out now, and I have spent the last couple of weeks playing around with it.

I’m madly in love with the random function in this app – shake the phone or press the dice at the top of the screen, and the app will collect two random images from your gallery and blend them together. Not only is this great fun to play with, but the app itself is intuitive and easy, and it runs smoothly on my HTC.

Here are some examples, with an accompanying screenshot to show which two images were combined.

A ghostly scooter in the forest. dianaapp-image-1

Angelic lights. dianaapp-image-2

Layers upon layers – one of the images here was already a blend.


Other than the random function, the Diana App still feels a bit limited. You can shoot from inside the app as well as pick from the gallery which images to merge, but there are only a handful of filters to choose from for editing the resulting blend.

To my knowledge, the best Android app for layering images these days – though without the random function – is Pixlr Express, which has added a layering function to its already excellent inventory since I last reviewed it.

The blending option in Pixlr Express is called “Add Image”, and is sorted under “Adjustments”. dianaapp-screenshot4-pixlr

Another fun app to try for blending is LittlePhoto, and there are a lot of additional suggestions from our community in the comments to my previous post about image layering apps for Android.

If you haven’t tried Diana, Pixlr Express or LittlePhoto already, you can get them here (Diana), here (Pixlr Express) and here (LittlePhoto).

Have you tried blending images with your mobile? Which apps do you prefer (Android OR iPhone)? Do tell us in the comments! Also, don’t forget that the surprise of randomly blended images makes them perfect for our June theme.

~ All the best from Jenny.