set it free. (1 of 1)

…Set it free. That’s how it goes, right? I know it sounds cliche, but that is what I’m doing here. I’ve loved my time with Mortal Muses and feel it best to quit while I’m ahead and turn over the reins to more creatively capable hands. Some turnover in collectives like ours is always good for creative rejuvenation, and I look forward to seeing that happen here on Mortal Muses. It has been such an amazingly supportive group that nurtured me from my very first days on flickr straight through all the progress I’ve made today, and I’ve loved seeing and supporting the community in return. Thank you all for reading my posts over the last two years or so.

I will still be around, though. If you’d like to continue to play along in my photographic journey, feel free to follow on tumblr, my blog, The Hours and Instagram.

Happy Snapping! – Cara