I’m back. I don’t even think you realized I was gone. And that’s OK. I didn’t go anywhere really. At least not in the traveling, geographic sense. And yet, I feel like I’ve been around the world since I was last here.

I had a baby in January. An amazing, beautiful little person has now completely taken over my life. It has been challenging. It has been wonderful. I am ecstatic. I am exhausted. Everyone keeps telling me to enjoy these first precious months–that the moments are fleeting. And while I knew that to be so, it still surprises me how incredibly true those words are. These days are fast. Fleeting. Gone before you know it.

She’s five months old today. I just looked back on my iPhone at the hundreds of images and videos I’ve taken of her from day one in the hospital until now, and I can’t believe how much she has already changed. And while she’s only 15 pounds (and sleeping in my lap as I type this) I wonder where that squishy little newborn has gone.

So we savor each day together. We enjoy the little moments. We are slowly building rituals. We walk together every morning and explore the world–because with her, everything is new again.

I’ve wandered through this garden so many times I can no longer count. But watching her take in the vibrant colors with eyes wide open, and smell the perfumed scent of the flowers reminds me how amazing nature can be and that everything can be special again when seen through her eyes.



The George Washington Bridge is a sort of muse of mine…I’ve taken endless photographs of it. And although I don’t think she can quite see that far yet, just standing there and taking in the view with her nestled in, asleep on my chest, gives it a fresh new feel.


And since it’s Mobile Monday I should share that all of these photos were taken with my friend Hipstamatic. I’m loving the vibrant blue hues and random blur and grunge from the Jalisco Hipstapak

Tired, but happy to be here with you all again,
Christy aka Urban Muser