Despite using my mobile on a regular basis, I often neglect the good world of apps, usually only making a visit when the need occurs.
I’m a big fan of mosaics and collages as it takes me back to the journaling days, which I miss but haven’t found a way to squeeze into my weekly habits. I say, if we wait until all is perfect and ready, we may never get started at all so, sometimes, we really need to work with what we have.

And what I have is moments and images waiting to be put together. With words.
And mobile magic.

In their words, “Moldiv™ lets you combine and edit multiple photos to make amazing collages.” and it couldn’t be simpler. I started playing with it and it’s so much fun that already I’m thinking I need to take more trips and walks to edit and make pretty collages with.

Oh it’s simple. With so much to do.

20140707-191245-69165906.jpg  20140707-191248-69168219.jpg

You have so many options to begin with, 80 basic frames and 100 more premium plus the “Magazine” style, which makes for some funny collages. The Magazine ones are preset and a good way to put images together without the worry of “I wonder what framing works best and how many pictures do I want?”. You just pick the preset frame and add the images, which can be up to 9. Choosing is also done in one go, instead of one at a time.

One thing I really like is how easy it is to switch the photos IN the frames, you don’t have to delete and choose again, swapping is definitely something that makes editing easier.

20140707-191248-69168605.jpg  20140707-191249-69169361.jpg

There is also a nifty button on the top left corner that allows you to change the frames automatically, again, this is something that makes this app so easy to use. Sometimes a frame doesn’t work as well as we thought, as images tend to have a magic of their own, and the ability to change the frame in seconds, no need to delete and choose your images a second (or third) time. I chose 3 that follow a theme and played around with the frames. If you are a visual person, like myself, the time it takes to go back and choose new images actually breaks the flow of the work.

20140707-191250-69170790.jpg  20140707-191251-69171308.jpg

Once you are happy with the frame you chose, you can move to Effects.
You can apply the same effect to just one image or all, at the same time (bonus!) and you can adjust how much of the effect you want to add. There are plenty in the free mode to get you started and many more if you decide that more is what you need.
Over 45 to go crazy for.

20140707-191248-69168988.jpg  20140707-191247-69167206.jpg
The background is interchangeable with over 80 patterns and solid colors. And from here you get to adjust, zoom, pan, rotate, mirror and straighten pretty much everything.

You’d like to change the border width? No problem.

20140707-191251-69171752.jpg  20140707-191247-69167780.jpg

I had so much fun trying on all of the colors and effects that after a while, a few editing choices stand out that make it all go even faster. I’ve always been a big fan of round corners (the idea itself makes me laugh so maybe that’s why) as they remind me of old photos, so I had to go in that direction.

20140707-191252-69172904.jpg  20140707-191252-69172517.jpg
Again, the ability to shuffle frames is something that does wonders. Because after all the editing work you’ve done, last thing you need is the notion that maybe, the frame you just chose won’t work. Switch and shuffle.

Until it works.

20140707-191254-69174068.jpg  20140707-191255-69175255.jpg

And a good collage just couldn’t be one without words yes? Again, the selection is huge with over 250 fonts, 99 colors, patterns, 14 styles and 34 labels. There is a lot to discover here, being the final step of your masterpiece, make sure you have fun and take your time. And if words don’t feel enough, head over to Stamps, you can choose over 200.

Two hundred.
And after all that work, 3 choices to save your image, with standard, medium and maximum and the usual social network sharing options. When posting on Instagram, use hashtag #Moldiv and you may find your photos featured on the official Moldiv App!

20140707-191255-69175916.jpg 20140707-191255-69175580.jpg 20140707-191256-69176325.jpg

I hope this little app makes its way into your editing choices, hopefully all these words made you smile and had you itching for some collage play.

From my end, a simple choice, Happy Days.

Now go outside and click.
Then make a collage with all of it!