On the last weekend of June I set off from home on a little road trip. I headed a few hours west to an area called Prince Edward County. “The County” comprises a few small towns and country roads alongside of Lake Ontario. It’s a burgeoning wine region and home to many art galleries and artist studios, as well as beaches that could *almost* fool you into thinking you’re at the seaside. I had few plans for the weekend, but rather set off with my canine road trip buddy and an assortment of cameras to see what we could see.

Not long after we left the main highway for the more regional roads, I started noticing the barns. As a die-hard city girl I am often fascinated by old and decaying barns when I travel on country roads. Usually I look at them wistfully and think of stopping only as they are disappearing quickly in my rear-view mirror. Having no real plan on this trip, other than to introduce my puppy to the beach and make some pictures after passing a few barns I convinced myself to pull over to photograph one.

Soon I was pulling over regularly. I was making u-turns. I was dashing across country highways. I was capturing barns left and right, mostly with my phone as it was easiest to grab as I left the car.


At stops for lunch or in the evenings I’d take the time to go through the photos I’d shot and I realized that what had started as a few shots of old barns had turned into a dozen or more photos. I had a bona-fide series on my hands.


I am grateful for this weekend of serendipity. For such photographic inspiration that turned up in the “in between” spaces of my weekend. I’m so glad that I decided to stop and shoot these gorgeous buildings and for the series of photographs that acidentally came together.

Speaking of happy accidents, after driving around searching for a spot where I could get some cell service to navigate me to my next stop, I pulled off the main road to regroup. After sorting myself out, directionally, I looked up to see what else but a teal-painted barn*.


This weekend reminded me how rewarding it can be to drive around a little aimlessly, allowing for happy accidents. I’m planning to do more of it. How about you?


*I always shoot the teal