We’re wrapping up our annual week-long vacation on Cape Cod and as I capture new sights on film, I thought I would share these film shots from last summer. The place we stay is set on a short rocky inlet where I can’t get enough morning light or treks down to the water at sunset.

the way

It’s the ideal spot for a picnic dinner on the beach, which we really need to make happen soon. Shoes are required along with a shift in perspective in order to teeter along the shoreline and see the old gang of boats, shells, beach chairs, etc in a new way.


I burned through a roll of color 120 film today only to find I loaded it backwards. Oops. Teething infant + sleep deprivation = film mishaps or as I prefer to see it, film warm-ups.


Now I can get right to the good stuff which I’m off to do while the babe finally sleeps!


Hasselblad 500 c/m | Kodak Portra 400

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