When all three worlds collide
Such beauty will burst
Your eyes won’t be able to keep up
What you feel, you must
When all that is sacred and pure
Touches your soul and your heart
There it will lead
To your path, a new start

So go outside or stay in
Anywhere will be fine
Close your eyes if you must
What you feel will shine


1. I will never tire of watching your imagination soar., 2. Testing my new lens, 3. Deep in green…, 4. 7:11:2014, 5. 07.24.2014, 6. Vishuddha III

Ever so grateful for the Everyday Beauty submitted to our Flickr Group pool.

It inspires me and others, brings stories to my heart, makes me pause and look for the beauty that can be so easily missed.

How about you? What is that one thing that happens everyday, but somehow seems to capture your heart, touch your soul and make it smile?
Let us know in the comments.

I’d go with sunsets.

Because I like to go outside and click.