-Seen in downtown Portland

As much as I love to spend time by the sea I am truly a city girl at heart. I love the buzz of a big city. When I visit a city my favourite thing is to walk around as much as I can, exploring different neighbourhoods on foot. As I’m walking around I’m always thrilled to find interesting street art. It’s like the city speaking back to me in the very specific language of the local artists.

I find my mobile phone (iPhone) the perfect tool to capture street art as I’m travelling. For me, it’s a bit of a documentary practice, captured easily on my phone. I have a few different ways that I like to photograph street art:

Sometimes the whole piece speaks to me and I document it, as is, in its entirety, as with this mural in DUMBO, Brooklyn.


Sometimes I like to capture a detail of the piece, either because the colours speak to me


– Seen in Greenpoint, Brooklyn

Or the technique is interesting.

Hint of a smile

– Seen near Spitalfields, London

Sometimes I like to combine people, to give the piece context.


Lindsey captures Audrey in Lower East Side Manhattan

Of course, I love to use my phone to capture a picture within a picture.

IMG_0516.JPG– Seen in meatpacking district, Manhattan

Of course, however I decide to capture street art with my phone I always try to geo-tag it before posting to Instagram, in case any other street art lovers are taking inspiration (and travel tips) from my feed.

Are you a fan of capturing street art?