I wish every weekend could be like this one – full of laughter, family and fun. I played my first softball game in 20 years, got a hole-in-one in miniature golf and lost every barefoot race my niece and nephew challenged me to all weekend long. I even helped corral pigs on the loose from running into the street!

Part of the magic was the novelty of it all. All of us together in one place. And not on a holiday, but in the summer no less.


For sure, we experienced the typical drama that accompanies any family gathering. Tired and cranky kids. Barking dogs. Grass marks one my toenails from not letting the polish dry long enough before those races. But I’ll take it. I wouldn’t change a thing.


Through it all, my camera remained by my side allowing me to capture each captivating moment as it unfolded around me. The swing of the softball bat. A candid smile. My mom’s homemade spaghetti. The faces that I love. These photos will hold me through until the next visit. These beautiful memories that tell the story of one wonderful summer weekend that I never want to forget.


I love telling stories of occasions like these. Shooting gatherings from the heart and showcasing the people I love that make them special. Collecting one picture-worthy moment after another so I can hold onto these treasured memories forever.


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Happy Snapping & Good luck!
Holly, Gatherings through the Lens