I don’t know about where you are but here in my part of the world it is clear that Summer is well on its way to becoming fall. The mornings are crisper, the high temperatures are not so high and, most sadly for me, the light has lost that summer sizzle. I know that fall has a lot to recommend it, like woolly sweaters, crunchy leaves and muted yellow light, but I can’t help longing for those mid-summer days. While I try to wrap my head around this transition to fall, I thought I’d seek comfort in the Mortal Muses Film Friday Flickr pool and remind myself of some of the best things about summer.

Like fields of green that go on forever.

oh those greens

oh those greens by Marta Huguet

Getting around on pedal power

Bicycle at Maison d'Etre

Bicycle at Maison D’Etre – Caroline B Kuhn

Summer snacks

watermelon time

watermelon time by cloudy apples

Road trips

You don't always drive on parkways

you don’t always drive on parkways by Zeb Andrews

And getting messy at barbecue joints

Charlie K's


Charlie K’s by damiec

Here’s to everlasting summer memories and smooth transitions into fall.