I have had a lot of “flipping the script” for me lately. You know, taking those not so nice words I have spinning in my head, and turn them into a positive? There has been a lot of internal dialog and remind myself that I have talents, but they are perhaps a little nontraditional when it comes to application.

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I was having a conversation with a fellow photographer. I had forgotten to include a few photos onto a USB drive for a client. I was beating myself up for the mistake, and then I said to him, “I just don’t have attention for detail”.


Wait, a minute. What did you say?

Isn’t your attention for details one of the reasons I hired you to second shoot a wedding with me (multiple times, by the way)? I love how you see detail, and I am betting your own clients do, too”.

MortalMuse (3 of 4)And then it hit me, while I may not be able to say that I am an “attention to detail” person in traditional, job application sense, but I know it’s there when I am shooting. I may not always catch when numbers are off in a spreadsheet, spelling is a bit wonky in a sentence, or when I forget a file or (ten) on a disk,  but put a camera in my hand and I start to see the world in pure details.

So, here is to non-traditional ways of thinking and seeing. Here is to being the detail lover AND the detail hater all at once. Here’s to seeing our ‘faults’ in new (pretty dappled) light.

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Keep chasing that light, Vanessa Simpson

*All photos were taken while wandering around The Port of Tacoma’s Maritime Festival.