It’s Mobile Monday here on Mortal Muses!

Usually Mobile Mondays are dedicated to beautiful examples of cell phone photography but today I want to talk about something a little different. It may seem crazy in this digital world of ours but I don’t actually own a cell phone. I have a lot of reasons for this but basically, I’m the sort of person who will stare at a piece of technology for hours if given the chance ….so avoiding the iphone craze means I have more time to appreciate the real world and enjoy a little solitude. Unfortunately it also means that I don’t get to enjoy the simplicity and convenience of mobile photography, but that’s why I still have a point and shoot, for those days when lugging around the big camera is just too tedious.

Point and shoot photography is a great alternative to “iphoneography” or even dslr photography. With a good eye, and a little post processing, even an outdated camera can still achieve fantastic results! When I first became serious about photography I used nothing but a point shoot for five years. And in those five years I learned and progressed so much as an artist! That is why I tell everyone I meet that you don’t need a fancy camera to be a photographer, all you need is the passion to try.

I almost always keep a point and shoot in my bag, my pocket or my husband’s pocket, especially if I’m leaving the Canon at home! It’s light weight and quiet, its smaller than a cell phone, and the batteries last for months! My husband’s little red Nikon is my go-to adventure camera (I used to have a Kodak waterproof camera but it died this last summer). The Nikon has been with me in airplanes, at concerts, in forests, at the beach, on boats and in theme parks and it hasn’t let me down yet! Sure, the photographs might not be gorgeous straight out of the camera but I always edit my contrasts and colors in lightroom, or more recently with the pixlr desktop tool! A little touch-up can work wonders!

So if you are stuck in stone age like me (without a smart phone), or perhaps even without a dslr, why not try a little point and shoot photography?







 Jenny the Time Traveling Pirate